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Resilcoʼs technology for waste recovery and valorization turns thousands of tons of hazardous industrial waste in secondary raw materials for new production cycles, reducing CO2 emissions.

Each year in Europe thousand of tons of industrial residues - such as fly ashes from Waste to energy treatement, slags from steel manufacturing, etc. – are landfilled. This approach is both economically and environmentally non sustainable.

At Resilco we have developed a circular process that can be applied to recover and valorise different waste matrices, with the following highlights:

  • recovery of high value-added secondary raw materials from industrial waste matrices that can find application as a secondary raw material in the construction, road sector etc.
  • captures and permanently stores CO2 – from industrial fumes - inside the secondary raw materials;
  • strongly reduces landfill disposal as well as disposal costs.

If you are interested in learning more about out technology and its possible applications, please contact us.


Resilcoʼs technology for gas purification provides a sustainable and cost-effective solution for biogas purification, both for landfill (siloxanes removal) and biomethane up-grading (VOC removal).

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), siloxanes and post-combustion emissions are a major issue for many industrial processes. On one side, biogas from biomethane from landfill and anaerobic digestion, needs to be purified, on the other, available treatment solutions come at high operating costs.

Resilco owns a technology for the abatement of siloxanes and VOC that is flexible, reliable, sustainable, cost-effective and in-situ regenerable.

The process is based on adsorption/desorption by means of custom materials and subsequent catalytic thermal oxidation for in-situ regeneration. The VOC stream is completely oxidated, at low temperature, and compliant with the most stringent emission limits. The on-site regenation reduces operating costs and is more environmentally sustainable with respect to other consolidated market solutions.

If you are interested in learning more about out technology and its possible applications, please contact us.